Introduction to MEDILENS

About MEDILENS Medical and Health News Magazine 

In January 2022, MEDILENS Medical and Health News Magazine came into existence under the leadership of Founder and Chief Editor Dr. Prateek Kumar Dinkar, MBBS Intern physician at King George’s Medical University (KGMU), India, to publish medical and health content. This is an online free accessible medical magazine, where readers can read blog posts, newsletters, etc.

Our Mission:
At MEDILENS, our mission is to advance healthcare through an unwavering commitment to knowledge dissemination, fostering a collaborative environment, and nurturing the academic and professional growth of medical enthusiasts. Serving as a premier online platform, we dedicate ourselves to providing accessible, high-quality medical and health-related content.

Aims and Objectives:

1. Knowledge Dissemination:
– Disseminate authoritative and up-to-date medical and health information through diverse channels, including blog posts, newsletters, and meticulously curated magazines.
– Prioritize the accessibility of content to a global audience, ensuring valuable insights reach aspiring medical professionals worldwide.

2. Inclusivity and Collaboration:
– Foster an inclusive space where medical students can freely share and access content without the imposition of publishing charges.
– Collaborate with medical organizations, professionals, and institutions globally to create a network that transcends geographical boundaries.

3. Academic and Professional Growth:
– Provide a platform for students to showcase their academic prowess through events such as photography contests, literary soirées, webinars, and intellectually stimulating online clinical case presentations.
– Encourage participation in sponsored academic and non-academic events, facilitating holistic growth for aspiring medical professionals.

4. Research Excellence:
– Establish and maintain ANALYTICA, our distinguished research entity, guiding students in conducting research, drafting manuscripts, and achieving publication in esteemed PubMed/Scopus indexed journals.
– Strive for continuous research excellence, contributing impactful papers that advance medical knowledge and practice.

5. Community Engagement:
– Engage with our audience through various social media platforms, ensuring an interactive and responsive community.
– Organize and support initiatives that address broader health issues, creating awareness and encouraging proactive involvement in healthcare initiatives.

6. Quality Publications:
– Maintain the highest standards of editorial excellence, ensuring the quality and accuracy of each publication.
– Continuously evolve our content to address emerging trends and challenges in the dynamic field of healthcare.

7. Global Impact:
– Position MEDILENS as a global leader in medical and health communication, with a far-reaching impact on medical education, research, and practice.
– Strive to contribute to global healthcare discourse, influencing positive change and advancements in the medical field.

In essence, our aims and objectives are intricately woven into our mission, creating a vibrant, collaborative, and knowledge-driven ecosystem that empowers the current and future generations of medical professionals. MEDILENS invites you to immerse yourself in a realm where medical knowledge flourishes unbridled, academic and professional growth find fertile ground, and pioneering research stands as the cornerstone of our unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare. Join us as we collectively shape the future of medical and health communication.

We have the vision to provide a free platform for both the author and readers, who are in medical schools and looking out to share or read medical and health-related content. From the beginning, we decided not to ask for publishing charges from any medical students who wish to get content featured in our blogs/newsletter/magazine.

We encourage students to participate in our sponsored academic and non-academic events. They can access it through our event page or on our social media platforms without paying any entry fee.

We have laid down the foundation of our journal club “ANALYTICA: The Research Breakdown” under the leadership of Vaibhav Singh, MBBS Final year part-1 candidate, King George’s Medical University, and Head of our Academic wing. We will announce details of membership and guidelines on our website.

LANGUAGE – English

Dr. Prateek Kumar Dinkar,

MBBS Intern Physician, Faculty of Medicine,

King George’s  Medical University, Lucknow

Chief Editor,

MEDILENS Medical and Health News Magazine


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