eGurukul, the brainchild of DBMCI, is the result of the experience of over 2.5 decades, coming along with new cutting-edge technology. It brings the features such as ease of access, being your own time manager, inverted classrooms, leaderboards/newsfeeds, etc. while keeping the essence of the experience and expertise of helping numerous PG aspirants in the last 25 years and helping them to become a good doctor.

GCMER is a student-oriented organization promoting global networking amongst undergraduate medical students to  achieve a consortium of research-oriented minds, that can help each other through intellect and resources 

Our mission is to be the nodal organization for undergraduate medical research in India, connecting us globally. Our founder, Dr. Oshin Behl believes that “Research is not for a certain group of individuals who have the time and luxury to focus on it . Research is a basic student right” and we aim to propagate that message.