A Wuhanin Medical Journey

A Wuhanin Medical Journey

Since January 2020 we have all been aware of the city in central China named Wuhan. People who still hear this city’s name get goosebumps and it is obvious too, after all, it has changed the lives of people all over the world and the course of the world’s history. But this isn’t the complete identity of the city it has more to it. This beautiful city is much more than just a COVID hotspot. And when I say this I actually mean it. I have witnessed the beauty of this city, I have breathed the fresh air of this city, and I have seen this city blooming before the pandemic.

Out of many gems, this city has one which is the most famous is Wuhan University. Wuhan University is a national research university located in Wuhan, Hubei. It is one of the most prestigious and selective universities in China and was recognized by the Chinese central government as a Class A Double First-Class University. It was one of the four elite universities in the early Republican period and is one of the oldest Universities in China. Wuhan University is ranked at 6th position in their country and its world rank is 334. Wuhan University was established 129 years ago on November 29, in the year 1893. It is located in Luojia Hill with palatial buildings blending Chinese and Western styles.

Since it’s a University it has many courses and many campuses apart from the main Administrative Campus. Wuhan University School of Medicine was formerly known as Hubei Medical University which was founded in 1943 and was merged with Wuhan University in 2000. It is administered by the MOE of the People’s Republic of China. School of medicine is ranked at 11th position in the country among all the other Medical schools. Currently, Wuhan University School of Medicine is constituted of eight colleges, three institutes, and three affiliated hospitals. The eight colleges are Wuhan
University School of Basic Medical School, First Clinical College, Second Clinical College, School of Stomatology, College of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, HOPE School of Nursing, and Vocational and Technical Medical College. The three Research Institutes are the Institute of Medical Virology, Medical Structural Biology Research Center, and Animal Center. The three hospitals are People’s Hospital (tertiary level),  Zhongnan Hospital  (tertiary level), and  Stomatological Hospital  (tertiary level).
In addition, the Faculty of Medicine is also involved in the formation of the State Key Laboratory of Virology (Wuhan University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan Institute of Virology Association), Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Oral Biomedical Engineering (jointly with Sichuan University).

Unlike in other countries in china, the medical course is of six years including the internship. The first the semester is about the basic sciences, including subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and mathematics. The real study of the medical subjects starts from the second semester of the 1 st year. As we all know there are 19 subjects in the whole course of MBBS everywhere. Although the division of the subjects is not the same over the duration as in India. At present, the medium of study is Chinese or English. A
person can choose either of them on the basis of his or her preference. Although most international students prefer English as their medium. Due to the difference in the medium of language the classes for international students and national students are conducted separately to avoid any inconvenience.
The faculties opt for digital classes and simulators, especially in anatomy for easy learning. Chinese universities are focused on USMLE so for anyone who aims to attempt USMLE the course of their preparation becomes easy as the knowledge taught is similar to what is helpful in taking the steps.
Apart from the basic medical sciences, the clinical subjects are taught by renowned clinicians. There are 3 Hospitals affiliated with the school of medicine the one which is very famous and is near the medical campus of the university is the ZHONGNAN HOSPITAL.
Most of the faculty teaching clinical subjects are posted in this hospital so that they can provide us immense knowledge and experience in the clinical field.
Like every other University, Wuhan University also rewards its meritorious students by providing the Scholarship for their outstanding performances both in the fields of study and the extra-curricular activities.
Apart from the scholarship awarded by the school every year Chinese government picks 7 most deserving candidates from each university. It rewards them with prize money of almost two lakh rupees in INR. And these students get a chance to be felicitated in Beijing by the ministry of education (MoE) of the People’s Republic of China.
It is not about graduating from some other country. Rather the thing that holds value is the determination that drives you to serve humanity and save lives. One can succeed anywhere and anytime with hard work and sincerity as the real potential lies within us.