Life is so unpredictable

Life is so unpredictable . You can’t just see people’s face and rule out what they’re thinking or
what they really are ! That takes a lot of sense , time and focus on their intentions and their
doings rather than focus on their hot and sexy body and handsome face . I mean their can be a
hidden devil face , that you could never predict as they’re really good with words . And so
You’ve assumed that they’re really good but they’re not ! . I had always wondered that how can a
girl be so stupid to fall for their handsome face and bad mouth and worst mindset . But now I’ve
not . It’s not like that I’ve figured it out , it’s just that I’ve just admitted and digested ( so hardly )
this fact .
This can be a case in friendship too . You don’t know how good they’re , but you like their
Instagram bio , and they send you a message , and now all day all you’re doing is chatting to
them . You’ve told all of your secrets to them , like darkest ones , that you couldn’t tell anyone in
person . And now they’re blackmailing you , and you’re really really in trouble . In real life , there
are people who are not very good . But alright , atleast you’ve a chance to know them much
better . And they’re no real trouble until they’ve something to blackmail you or you got attached
to them .
Attachment and attraction are two different things , ok ? So you can get attached to anyone , like
seriously anyone , your man , boy , kids, family , dog , your things , anyone that you don’t even
love . It’s weird but true . And sadly you can’t change this , but most of people after heartbreak
want to . But I’m , right now , not giving a damn to anything . I’m not attached to anyone right
now except my pillow , not obsessed with something except ice – cream and not attracted to
anything except new secrets occurring in my body and in mind ( or DIL whatever you want to
say )

Written By: Ananya Jain, Third Year MBBS, Bundelkhand Medical College, Sagaor, M.P.

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