World Health Day

World Health Day

Today is April 7th, 2023, and it is regarded as important due to the fact that it is World Health Day. Physical and mental health are of utmost importance for mankind.

I am Dr. RR Nisha Shri MBBS, and I believe health is significant for everyone. It is a basic right to be healthy, and my responsibility is to ensure health.

To begin with physical health, simple steps for being healthy have to be incorporated. Walking is good exercise, and it starts with getting up from bed. That brings the topic of mental health. The better I am psychological, the more peaceful and efficient I am in life. Mental health has become the talk of the town. Nowadays, people value the mind similarly to how they feel the significance of the body. Both mind and body have to be balanced for a healthy life. Spirituality, meditation, yoga, and music give peace of mind. Pray to God every day. Choose your path. Good friends and family bring happiness and satisfaction. Professional life plays a big part too. I appreciate and acknowledge the value of my job. Saving lives and bringing people to good health is the service I am dedicated to reaching my destiny. Providing healthcare, prescribing drugs, and healing the sick with medications and counseling takes extreme skill and knowledge. It comes with experience in maintaining the health of the public.

We, doctors, take the Hippocratic Oath and follow our medical protocols. WHO standards are maintained, and our senior doctors guide us to the perfection of medical service.

Thank you, Universe, for my blessing to ensure the health of all of us in the Universe.

Health begins at home. Good hygienic practices and clean habits help in maintaining health by preventing infection. Household chores and washing have to be done regularly. Home is the first environment that can be focused on at an individual level followed by public support in ensuring health. Cleanliness is essential for maintaining good health. A doctor’s duty is to advise the patients regarding health, and we do so with sincerity. World Health Day is apt for doctors like us who take care of the health of our nation India, thus forming the foundation for the health of the Universe.

Happy World Health Day 2023!




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Dr. RR Nisha Shri

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