In this fast-growing world, people have forgotten the importance of grandparents in the family. Slowly the concept of a joint family is reducing and there is a significant increase in nuclear families. Don’t you think “ There is nothing more wonderful than a grandparent’s love for his or her grandchild?”

People in the newer generation treat grandparents more like a responsibility than like their loved ones. The whole concept of family is changed over the years as these days people prefer living alone or in nuclear families instead of a joint one where a child can get love and affection from his/her grandparents as well as other family members. Many families abandon their parents or grandparents in old age homes. Grandparents were considered the basic root of the family and provides support to the family with their experience and knowledge. They also help in inculcating many moral values, and ethics in grandchildren which helps them develop respect and love towards the older people in the society. They also help in developing healthy habits in grandchildren which helps them in living a healthy and disease-free lifestyle. They also try their best to learn new things and technology that has come over the years so as to stay in pace with modern times. Having grandparents is one’s greatest blessing in life. As we say “A coin has two sides”. Certain times some grandparents don’t want to evolve with this rapidly changing world, instead
want to follow the orthodox approach that they have been following for ages .. this can also make them a burden on the society, also can become a hindrance in the growth and progress of a family. this could be one of the reasons for the increase in nuclear families. The younger generation doesn’t like the strict and disciplined attitude of the grandparents towards the life which leads to a generation gap & which can also lead to conflicts and misunderstandings.

In recent years many laws have been formulated for the benefit of grandparents as the rate of them getting abandoned by grandchildren & their children is increasing. I feel having grandparents is the biggest gift any child can have. I myself feel very lucky to have very loving grandparents.

“Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another.”
– Richard Garnett

Personally, I feel if your grandparents are trying to learn new things just for you, then you should also keep patience and show utmost affection to them. We should motivate them and try to give their happiness in all the small & big events of their life, after all that they want from us – RESPECT, LOVE, and CARE for them. We as grandchildren should also try to understand them and discuss various topics rather than argue. I would like to end my article with a statement –

“A grandparent is a combination of parent, teacher and a friend.”



Written By: Preksha Bafna, 3rd-year MBBS, NHL Municipal Medical College

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