“Assuming someone’s life could seem easy but actually understanding their quandary is an intricate task”.

 It was a very beautiful sunny day. Excitements and smiles on the budding faces and those faces weren’t of anyone else but THE BUDDING DOCS. On the seamless morning of Sunday, a visit was organized to a glorious place. That beauty was not materialistic or pertaining to the inanimate but the cheers and joys of the young lads could fill the atmosphere with optimism and hope. Cherished and nonchalant facies just waiting for a humble and kind gesture were looking at us. 

No blood relations but a bonding which is inevitable. Splendid camaraderie and a lovely environment that was all that was filling their heart with contentment. Though they were finding comfort with one another what about a little child who can’t tranquil his heart which is roaring out and out to feel the bliss and warmth of her mother’s lap. The only hug which can succor him. 

A descriptive health session starts and then the bloomed facies starts glooming. Are our skills that dull? This query started to occupy our excited souls. Hand hygiene was not the only task in which they have mastered but were proficient with various skillful exercises. The reason was outright. How can one keep on listening to stuff which one already knows!

This deduced the fact that the orphanage was working undeniable hard for the welfare of the future of these children. These talented juveniles described their aspirations and revealed their astonishing virtuosities. Singing, dancing, sports, painting, sculpting, designing, and what not. They ace everything. With the advent of the health camp, their general health checkups revealed that almost 37% of them were underweight. Well-cooked meals, timely served, good facilities but what was lacking? We were unable to find out the answer. But during the checkups, a tiny soul who was about 6 years old with his 5 years old brother was looking hassled. His brother was whimpering and nobody bothered about that. With the imminent gesture of crying, he started asking for help. I got startled. He was missing his mother a lot. “Didi I want to go back to my home. They broke my jhuggi and ended up everything. They made my father and mother run away. They took us forcefully” said the young child. Bewildered and perplexed, I tried to console him in every possible manner. I asked him “Did u have food at the jhuggi?”. His reply was heart-rending. “Didi I, my brother, my mother used to work and were able to accommodate our stomach by 1-2 meals per day but I want to go back home, this place doesn’t satisfy my need. My mother is not here.” Befuddled with filling his stomach, he was neither attending school. The irrevocable dilemma, choosing either of them he is indeed going to loose the other. Choosing an orphanage would definitely give him assured meals and education but can’t please his heart. Choosing his home might fill his life with trials and tribulations. His brother also tried to escape the orphanage by jumping from the roof. Little hearts were missing their mother’s affection tremendously.

Time to leave the place and that boy’s hopeful eyes and igniting soul putting me in a disastrous situation. Asked me again and again “Didi when will you come back? I will wait for you. Please take me out from here at the earliest.”

 Affection can give them a momentary peace but might not bequeath them their fundamental necessities and a sound future. They might not understand the importance of education right now but I believe that they will be able to change their potential crisis with the finest time ahead.



Written by: Sahiba Nadeem, 3rd Year MBBS, Maulana Azad Medical college, New Delhi

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